Museum Futures is a transdisciplinary platform and journal for research on the dynamic ways a museum can perform.

Although we often think of a museum as a static collection of objects to be kept a safe distance from, behind this seemingly impenetrable identity is a network of individual actors that have a stake in their museum’s role as a public actor. Whether it be through the vehicle of a button jar, an ipod touch or a fish trap, a museum has the potential to perform as a dynamic public commons. In the spirit of such possibility, Museum Futures provides a glimpse into the work of educators, anthropologists, consultants, and curators who are re-thinking the performance of the museum’s past, present, and future.

Editorial Team:
Kate Clark, Christopher Kennedy and Pablo von Frankenberg

Past collaborators include Pratt Institute, University of California, San Diego Center for Humanities and Living Archives, Elsewhere in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the Institute for Empirical Cultural Science in Tübingen, Germany