Issue One


What is the connection between one woman’s 58-year collection, a nomadic assemblage of queer ephemera, a high-tech teen hangout, and the treasured remains of a fishing town?

The first issue of Museum Futures started as a conversation between three people in different parts of the world. Alongside some our first communicae, we identified a common interest in what museums could and should be, and decided to investigate ourselves. Over the course of a year and a half we collected interviews, essays and ephemera from museums in our own communities and those we have become a part of. Whether it be through the vehicle of a button jar, an ipod touch or a fish trap, a museum has the potential to perform as a dynamic public commons and a place to confront the Other. In the spirit of such possibility, Museum Futures provides a glimpse into the work of educators, anthropologists, consultants, and curators who are re-thinking the performance of the museum’s past, present, and future. (Released Spring 2012)

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Issue Two

MF Cover
The second issue of Museum FuturesBeyond the Vitrine, Across the Street and With the Security Guard – is a collection of essays, artworks and stories exploring the overlooked and varied spaces of the contemporary museum. We asked contributors to question what museums could and should be and to consider how practices outside of museum culture inform its present and future.

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